The following are the main initiatives of All India Council for Minorities.


The concept behind this initiative is to educate everyone who falls under the notified minority communities by providing scholarships.


This organization has an agenda to have 100% vaccination and achieves health goals set up by government of India


All India Council of will promote the housing schemes of Government of India to avail benefits by the minority community.

Employment Generation

The idea of this organization is to generate as many as employment opportunities for the minorities to work with them and for them.

Women empowerment

The idea is to have a common platform where all women and young girls can exercise the basic human rights and live a life with freedom of their choice.

Skill Development

All India Council of Minorities is a group of professionals who have been working in the diverse fields with a common goal of transforming their skills .

Associate and unite all the minorities’ institutes for overall wellbeing of people from minorities communities.

Ensure well being of minorities communities through government policies, programmes and schemes.